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"UNAFRAID provides an open, honest look at sexual assault and enables all of us to see how we can be part of the solution. It is an ideal teaching tool for students."

        - Peggy Lorah, D.Ed, NCC, LPC
          Director, Center for Women Students
          Penn State University (PA)

"This film is exactly what I needed to see to take the first step in getting help. I finally don't feel so alone.”

- P.
audience member (NY)

UNAFRAID is a compelling film. It reminds us to never doubt that we can advocate for system changes, despite how challenging that process may be."

            - Judy S.
              Safeline, Inc. (VT)

"The storyline about male victims was something I had never thought about before but so very important.

A great film."

- Anonymous
audience member (NY)

“UNAFRAID offers a timely, relatable, and poignant look at sexual assault from the perspective of survivors and grounds their narratives in context, statistics, and information about the process of recovery. My students from a range of backgrounds and perspectives were all engaged and deeply moved by the film.

It is ideal for a college setting and an excellent springboard for discussion, support, and action.”

- Professor Sara Haviland
St. Francis College (NY)

"We screened the film for an audience of law students and used it as a starting point for discussion on how the law is one of many tools that can support an individual's healing process and impact greater social change. We also looked at how the legal process may not always fit with a victim's emotional needs and can actually impair healing looking specifically at issues related to reporting, evidence gathering, statutes of limitation, and the potential to lose personal agency in the process.

UNAFRAID served as an important teaching tool for our community of future lawyers and advocates, as we work to prepare them with the awareness and sensitivity necessary to engage effectively. "

            - Cara Cookson, Esq.
            Vermont Law School (VT)